Running Fox Technologies has joined the Age of Robots by supplying our customers with a Double Robotics robot we call our “RFT-Bot”. The RFT-Bot allows us to make both a digital and physical footprint within your company to assist with trouble-shooting and remote support. The self-driving RFT-Bot will allow us to share 2-way video and audio with your employees, while also being capable of moving around the entire office as if we were physically there with you. We can share our computer screen straight to the 9.7 inch display on the RFT-Bot itself. So, while we are in our HQ Office, we can also be present at your office location too. Talk about being in two places at once! But that’s not all, we can even send over links, videos, and websites for you to interact with on the built-in touch screen on the RFT-bot.

Key Features:

  • Self-Driving
  • Remotely adjustable height
  • Two 13 Megapixel cameras for ultra-wide field of view, levels of zoom, and night vision mode
  • Amplified speaker and 6 microphones
  • 4-hour battery life and quick charging time
  • 7-inch touch display
  • Sharing capabilities
  • Lateral stability control provides and smooth and quite ride

Interested to learn more about how the RFT-Bot could work in your business specifically