RFT Live Software

Do you wish that you more clearly knew what was going on in your business or home office? Are you tired of purchasing a different program for all of your business IT needs and forcing your employees to download and use them all? Here at Running Fox Technologies, we came up with the ultimate solution and we call it RFTLive. RFTLive is a singular resource that allows you to keep an eye on what’s most important even when you can’t be there.

RFTLive offers licenses that have been customized to suit your needs with 3 different levels to choose from. Our first level RFTLive Home was created with the user in mind who has up to 3 laptops, desktops, or servers they would like to monitor. Our next level is RFTLive SMB for small and medium business owners who have up to 20 devices and our biggest level is for enterprise owners who need to monitor up to 100.

Our program really allows you to get an in-depth look at everything going on in your business systems with just a glance. From our dashboard you can see any devices you’re monitoring, open and closed support tickets, active contracts, shared files, invoices, company news, and your CPU/RAM performance.

Once you’ve checked the dashboard you can move on to any of RFTLive’s many other features. By scrolling down on our vertical menu bar, you can pick from 25 different pages, each with their own functions designed to be easily operable.

A non-inclusive list of just some of these functions includes system monitoring by System ID, MAC Address, Account Name, and more; managing, uploading, and downloading files; website blocking; viewing and downloading browser histories; viewing connected audio, video, pointing, network, and port devices; managing system users and privileges; viewing active windows on system devices; viewing system stat usage, and managing notification options.

All levels of RFTLive also come with a trial to Running Fox Technologies tech support services! This means that you’ll get access to our experienced tech teams when and wherever you need them. Don’t need it? No problem. Our trial does not auto-renew and will not charge you unless you want us to.