About Us

Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence is what distinguishes Running Fox Technologies from our competitors. With over 10 years of professional IT and Telecom experience, we have developed a skill set that allows us to provide our clients with top of the line service. Serving businesses based in the state of Florida for nearly a decade, we have had the pleasure of working with companies of all sizes. Though the Sunshine State is where it all began, we are now bringing our IT, Telecom, and project management expertise to clients nationwide.

If you seek professional results at competitive prices, you’re right where you need to be.

Our Vision:

To be a leading IT and Telecommunications company that provides simple solutions to streamline businesses and enables them to reach their strategic goals through continuous innovation and excellence in customer service.

Our Mission:

We live in a world of technology. It is present both at home and in our work lives. And with this technology come issues, updates, and new products. Making decisions and navigating through the seas of updates and choices can be overwhelming and frustrating. Our mission: to guide you through the world of ever-changing technology with simple IT solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Our Values:

Innovation- We continuously innovate to bring in new products, to develop existing ones, and to solve challenges that we or our customers may face.

Integrity- We are honest and stand behind our products and solutions while always focusing on what is right for our employees, customers, and business partners.

Excellence- We never waver in our strive for excellence to give the very best solution to any situation or issue.

Simplicity- We always act and problem-solve with simplicity in mind to guarantee a streamlined process, and to ensure companies do not have to expend any time or energy on anything except to develop their business.

Leadership- We empower our employees to become leaders and facilitate others to make a positive difference and contribute to a larger good.